pop Pittsburgh up

20 February 2010

A troop of 50 – 100 outgoing, good-looking creative people from Pittsburgh travel to events/festivals/adjacent neighborhoods in the target cities once a month.

Imagine you’re living in a city that’s fine but not perfect. You’ve got an itch to move but don’t know where. At a festival you happen to meet a group of people from Pittsburgh. They’re excited about the city, buying old buildings, starting co-ops,  galleries and businesses. They’ve got an infectious renegade spirit and they inspire you. Then the next morning in a Café you meet another Pittsburgher, then another. Slowly, through repeated conversations, the idea of Pittsburgh as a place to live becomes implanted in the minds of people scattered across the city, provoking a mass exodus.

this idea is compiled from the input of from two teams: Dee Briggs, Dana Bishop Root, Sara Blumenstein, Kaitlin Miciunas, Joy Kang, Michael Jeffers & Jon Rubin, Jonathan Greene, Issac Kwon, Arthur Azoulai, Constance Vale & Angelina Gonzalez.

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