pop Pittsburgh up

20 February 2010

Version one;

You’re walking down a shopping street in your familiar old city when suddenly you realize that EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!… All of the names of the stores are wrong, the façades are odd, they’re selling completely different things! You venture gingerly inside and explore versions of the finest of Pittsburgh’s retail outlets, chat to friendly Pittsburgh vendors, and buy the merchandise you would be able to buy if you lived in Pittsburgh. How better to understand a potential new city than by shopping in its stores and owning pieces of it? *

Version two;

This same Pittsburgh street “set” (made from scrim-façades) would be transported, along with the full cast of Pittsburgh characters, on a tour of different cities around the world. A sit-com about Pittsburgh will be shot against this background with the regular inhabitants of each city as the special guest stars. This would be a chance to take Pittsburgh everywhere, creating a brand new documentary form and proposing an internationally populated Pittsburgh.

*This idea would be realized using fake scrim façades, with all the stores in other cities streets temporarily taken over by real Pittsburgh merchandise and salespeople.

team: Jon Rubin, Jonathan Greene, Issac Kwon, Arthur Azoulai, Constance Vale and Angelina Gonzalez.

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