pop Pittsburgh up

30 January 2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in the focus groups. From that extremely productive session we were able to come up with two comprehensive lists;

1. The positive; things that might draw people to Pittsburgh

2. The negative; things that need to be worked on

This information will form the basis of our next event; intensive charrettes in which creative teams of architects, urban planners, Pittsburgh citizens, artists and policy makers will decide what, where and how Pittsburgh will Pop-Up across the U.S…


Focus group participants (a mixture of lifetime Pittsburghers, long term residents and newcomers); Heather Estes, Gillian Goldberg, Jonathan Greene, Ryan Hopkins, Sandhya Krishnan, Liza Langer, Mykia Long, Dutch MacDonald, Maxine Markfield, Adam Nelson, Kathy Oliver, Todd R. Owens, Hilary Robinson & Zach Morris.

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