6% Place

15 March 2011

Over the last few months we’ve taken some time to understand the landscape of Garfield, Friendship and Penn Avenue. Knowing exactly where things stand today will help us to reach our goal. We have gathered and analyzed existing demographic data; mapped the neighborhood’s assets and liabilities; mapped the real estate holdings, foreclosures, gas shutoffs, liens and reviewed the goals of the local community organizations.

We’re not finished, but our lens is sharpening.


  1. I’m extremely interested in investing in the area. If you have any of this research that you’d like to share, I would love to pour over it as well. Do you plan on publishing/sharing the information on East Liberty/Friendship?

  2. admin said on

    We’d be happy to share research and can probably point you to more. We will be publishing our findings and are currently working on outcomes. If you’d like to contact us you can email info@citylabpgh.org

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