6% Place

22 March 2011

With our second interview group, we sought people from outside Pittsburgh who are either looking to move or have moved to Pittsburgh, in order to fulfill their life goals.   We’d like to  understand how they came to their decision.  This group was embodied more by a particular mindset than a specific age range. They were all adventurous of spirit.

There are many reasons why people might move. Our interview group was determined by an in-migration strategy that we have been developing  (we’ll blog about this soon) and defined by the following characteristics:

Pre-move adventurous creatives living in Los Angeles, New York or DC.
Creatives who have already returned to Pittsburgh and who have families here or who studied here.
Creatives who are new to Pittsburgh.   They may have come for work reasons or because they had friends here.

As with our first group, the locals,  the interviews were conducted more as a conversation than a series of questions, in order not to elicit specific responses.  Again, the conversation revolved around these underlying questions.


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