12 March 2008

12 March 2008 | New Hazlett Theater | 6:30 p.m.

announcement_06The Blue Green Alliance, a partnership of the Sierra Club and United Steelworkers, envisions a nationwide green economic renaissance, with revitalized manufacturing, green building, safer chemical usage and global warming solutions that will grow this new job sector.

And cityLIVE! kicks off the National Green Jobs Conference (the first of its kind, to be held in Pittsburgh on March 13 + 14) with a dialogue sharing the best thinking about the link between economic opportunities and environmental situations. Our panelists are Donele Wilkins, who has over two decades of experience in occupational and environmental health as an educator, consultant, trainer, administrator and advocate;  David Foster, who is currently the executive director of the Blue-Green Alliance;  Nathaniel Doyno, who is the founder and executive director of Steel City Biofuels, which he founded in 2005 to build the awareness, technology, policy and infrastructure necessary for the sustainable production and use of biofuels in Southwest PA; and  Dr. Jerry Paytas, who is the director of research for the Economic Architecture Practice of GSP Consulting.

Missed this event? Catch the teaser here.

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