12 April 2010
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27 April 2010 | New Hazlett Theater | 6:30 p.m.

How can we take control and make sure our environment is healthy and pure? How can we turn the tide and reclaim our air, water and land? Who is working to make this happen in Pittsburgh?

Three Pittsburghers will share stories of their efforts to make a cleaner environment for all of us. Our panelists are Meredith Grellis, cofounder and director of ‘Burgh Bees; Tom Hoffman, the Western PA director for Clean Water Action and Ned Mulcahy, the founder of Three Rivers Waterkeeper. Discussion will be moderated by Khari Mosley, Director of Green Economy Initiatives¬†at G-TECH.

Missed this event? Catch the full video here, or the short one here.

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