6% Place

20 July 2011

We’ve posted a lot of information about our Six Percent Place experiment on this blog.  It’s a long way back to the beginning for late-comers to our site, so we thought we’d catch you up quickly.

Ten months ago we launched our Six Percent Place experiment.  Our objective was to find an interesting but needy place and test out the following hypothesis: that a worker population that includes just 6% of “creatives” can turn a neighborhood into a hotbed of creativity, and become an attractive place for future residents; and that such a population can turn a place into a thriving community.

Since then we have carefully explored the tri-neighborhood area of Penn Avenue, Garfield and Friendship.    We are finishing up gathering data and are in the process of documenting it.   Watch these pages as we tell you more about what we have discovered.

image via techstep‘s flickr stream.

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