6% Place

21 July 2011

Pittsburgh has an abundance in unusual place names, from Squirrel Hill to Panther Hollow, from Asterisk Way to Woolslayer Way. It is a delightful experience to stumble onto a beautiful, unexpected, or strange name on a street sign – a unique name can take you by surprise and even make you look at a place with new eyes.

One of Garfield’s two parks, Kite Hill Park is a small park with a great name: forthright, declarative, evocative. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a sign to tell its name – the only thing in Kite Hill Park that says “KITE HILL PARK” is a trashcan on its basketball court.

Kite Hill Park needs more than a sign in order to be a place that people want to be — but maybe something as little as a sign would make Kite Hill Park more visible and more valuable, both to current and potential residents of Garfield, as well as people in neighborhoods around the city.

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