19 February 2009

19 February 2009 | New Hazlett Theater | 6:30p.m.

Presented in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Chapter of CEOs for Cities.

announcement_16Providing quality public education for all has been called the civil rights issue of our time. Why doesn’t every child in American today have access to the best education possible? When will we get there? How can we bring about the transformation?

Three experts, with the help of moderator B.J. Leber, will share their dreams and engage us in the solution.

Panelists for the evening are Geoffrey Canada, the charismatic leader of Harlem Children’s Zone, the innovative social community model; Marian Heard, founder of Boston-based Mentor, a national mentoring organization; and Mark Roosevelt, Superintendent of the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Cocktails and conversation to follow.

Missed this event? Catch the full video here, or the short one here.


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