14 July 2008


“One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar.”

– Helen Keller, American author, activist and lecturer –

aradhna_dhanda_75What is the essence of leadership?  Leaders impact our lives, our futures, the world we live in.  The mantle of leadership looks different on everyone.  Aradhna Dhanda is the President and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh, a creative and innovative leadership training program for senior leaders.  Pioneered here in Pittsburgh, their program has since been used as a model for similar programs around the country.  In this, the third of our monthly salon series, we will explore how we create opportunities for leadership and inspire those who wish to take a leadership role in their own field.

Read more about Aradhna in Pop City’s feature article, and more about Leadership Pittsburgh in Pop City’s “Leadership Pittsburgh Celebrates 25” both by Abby Mendelson.

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