Tiny Houses

6 December 2013

On December 3, almost sixty participants filled up Assemble in Garfield to help us brainstorm about Tiny Houses. Some photos from the session are below, and you can find more on our Facebook page. Thanks to all of our participants and to our facilitator, Dutch MacDonald of MAYA Design! We’ll be posting about what we found in the coming days.


  1. Brett B said on

    Bummer I didn’t make it to this meeting. I like the idea of building smaller and building something myself. I didn’t see anyone mention other types of buildings like earthships or perhaps Monolithic domes on this site or facebook etc. I think those (and other types of building) should most definitely be in the conversation. Also, the idea of making these smaller homes off-the-grid (like the earthships) should be explored.

  2. […] last year, when we held the Tiny Houses brainstorming session, we heard that people were not all that concerned with the design of their Tiny Houses. What were […]

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