Tiny Houses

26 June 2014

While a lot of you reading this post have known about Tiny Houses for a long time, the concept is just beginning to enter the mainstream’s consciousness. Tiny: A Story About Living Small, directed by Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith, was recently picked up by Netflix. The documentary follows Smith as he DIYs his way through building his own Tiny House. At a taut 61 minutes, it won’t take up too much your time, and besides, you’re crushing the new season of Orange is the New Black anyway. Tiny even caught the attention of The Atlantic. While the wider world is just catching on, you’ve always been ahead of the curve. Kudos.

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  1. Yup! I’d love to try and I’d also have climbing up to bed! Maybe a fold-down ootpin?I’d also be concerned re- condensation.But, the little house is brilliant! Love it!xxx

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