Tiny Houses

17 July 2014


With Minim plans in hand, cityLAB went about finding an architect to help with the tasks that the plans do not address. We settled on Chad Chalmers of Wildman Chalmers Design, LLC. We had worked with him before and appreciated his rich knowledge of the Pittsburgh codes and his willingness to tackle the nuts and bolts of our project. We signed a Design Services Agreement with a clearly outlined scope of work which we’ve summarized below. These are the tasks that Chad will perform.

Zoning Analysis. Create three site plan schemes with different options for siting the house, all of which comply with the Pittsburgh Zoning, or outline the different options that may require a Zoning Variance.

Building Code Review.  Adapt the Minim house plan to conform to the local building codes and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Submit a zoning application.

Construction Documents.  Create a set of construction documents that can be bid out for construction pricing and submit for  building permit.

Bidding and Negotiations. Assist ciyLAB with both getting and evaluating bids to build the first Tiny House.

With Chad’s help we’ll uncover any site and/or code issues, deal with them and get the best pricing we can to build our Tiny House.


  1. Josh Clark said on

    i worked with chad at moss architects and at perkins eastman
    your decision to hire him was a very smart move

  2. admin said on

    Chad will be delighted to hear that!

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