Tiny Houses

4 August 2014


Chad reviewed Pittsburgh’s Zoning Code and presented us with seven different siting options for Minim. Some of them slid the house to the south end of the site, closer to our neighbor’s house, leaving the northern edge of the site more open. Some of them slid the house to the north of the site, closer to the vacant parcel next door. Some of them widened the house so that it spanned the entire site. And some of them added a stoop, or a porch, shifting the house further to the back of the site.

We made our final site plan selection with the following criteria in mind.

1)  We want to maximize the open-ness of the site to the north;

2)  We want to avoid filing for a zoning variance, so that this process is easy to understand for anyone who wants to do it themselves; and

3)  We want to leave a space for a garden at the rear of the site.

With this criteria in mind we’ve selected Scheme A – 1.  Our tiny house is finally taking shape!


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