Tiny Houses

1 April 2015

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In March the Tiny House went before the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Architect Chad Chalmers presented our request for the three variances we need to build at 233 N. Atlantic Avenue. We requested the following variances:

A reduction in the minimum site requirement of 1800 s.f. (our site is only 1050 s.f.);

A waiver to require no off-street parking since our site is so small; and

A reduced rear yard setback, from fifteen feet down to three feet, so that we can maximize our use   of the tiny site.

Our request for no off-street parking was granted at the hearing, since there is an exception in the code that permits this. The Zoning Board is required to make a decision within forty-five days regarding the remaining variance requests.

Although we need to wait for the Board’s decision, this has not slowed our progress. We’re continuing to gather pricing information, working with local contractors to come up with a final cost for our Tiny House. After we finalize the numbers we’ll be sharing that process with you.

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