Tiny Houses

17 November 2015

Tiny House Postcard FINAL (dragged)

Affordable. Walkable. Different.


Pittsburgh’s first Tiny House can be yours for just $109,500. Get in touch.


  1. Greg Mucha said on

    Do you have pictures or renderings of the house?

  2. Alan Miller said on

    Congratulations. Hope this is the first of many of these . The basement storage area is an unexpected plus!!!!

  3. Hello Greg

    This is a direct link to the blog post entry which has the floor plan and rendering – http://citylab.wpengine.com/9134/. The last 10 or so blog posts have each included an updated photo of the house. We update those every week and should be adding a new one tomorrow. You can also see the entire progression from land to current status here – http://learn.smallchange.com/2015/11/12/progress-2/.

    Please let me know if you need more.

  4. Melanie said on

    Will this house be open for tours? I am interested in constructing my own tiny house more in the country, so would not be interested in buying but would love the chance to see this awesome project in person. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment!

  5. Hello Melanie

    We’ll probably arrange an open house in early January. It just wont be quite ready enough before the holiday rush. Please watch the blog or sign up for our e-blast.

  6. Dave Heberle said on

    Have been planning another tiny house for Erie, PA.

  7. 109K?..Will you be making any that are worth purchasing giving the housing dynamic in pgh.

  8. We think this one is worth purchasing. Given that it cost $190,000 to build, someone is going to get a deal.

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