Amanda Parks is an eco-entrepreneur, consultant and activist. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she returned to the city to start a socially and environmentally responsible enterprise with her family. The decision to locate in Pittsburgh was based on the desire to feed from the city's rich environmental and labor history while building support of the grassroots movement for environmental justice and fair trade. In 2005 she co-founded Equita, a principle-driven, independent, family-owned company committed to pragmatic solutions that support environmental stewardship and sustainable development. The company has a brick-and-mortar store and webshop specializing in design-conscious, green, fair trade and socially-conscious products. In addition, Equita also offers green consulting and design services. An environmental scientist by training, Amanda graduated from the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment with a degree in Environmental Policy and specialized emphasis on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development. She has more than 17 years experience working with environmental and human rights organizations around the world.