Chas Wagner is a second year MBA student at the University of Pittsburgh concentrating on entrepreneurship and mobile/web technology. In the fall of 2010,  he started his own mobile applications company called Fanattix Media. The company is building Iphone and Android apps to make it more fun and competitive for sports fans to root for their favorite college or professional team. Mr. Wagner believes that through the technological advances of smart phones, everyday fans can act as broadcasters and sports journalists using the powerful photo/video capabilities of their own phone.  Just as ESPN revolutionized sports in the TV age,  Mr. Wagner believes that Fanattix can do the same in the digital age. Mr. Wagner's entrepreneurial aspirations don't stop there.  Obsessed with good food, he plans to open a line of mobile food carts in the Pittsburgh area focusing on exquisite soups. Bisque, gumbo and chowder are the first items on the list.