Jessica Trybus is CEO and founder of Etcetera Edutainment, a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) spin off company that delivers game-based training simulations to train the next generation of workforce. Ms. Trybus also serves on the faculty of CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center. Her work at the University focuses on the R&D of how to build game-based learning to engage and motivate, with emphasis on exploring younger generations, and has contributed to CMU's recognition as an international leader in using video game technologies to teach more effectively. Ms. Trybus also serves as Game-Based Learning and Communications consultant for The New Media Institute, is on the board of the Andy Warhol Museum, and of TiE-Pittsburgh, a global organization that focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Prior to working with interactive entertainment technologies, Ms. Trybus spent several years in marketing, business development, and project management with Viacom and AltaVista (Palo Alto).