Nina Marie Barbuto lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. She completed the Mediascapes Master of Architecture Program at Southern California and has a Bachelors of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University. Her media includes architecture, film, sound, and art installation often with the idea of recycling noise into the system or elevating the vernacular spectacular. Over the past seven years, her works have been featured in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Seoul, Korea. In 2007, she co-founded the I Made It! Market, a nomadic indie crafts marketplace that provides opportunities for artists to sell their wares. An idea based on urban acupuncture, the I Made It!Market partners with community, arts and non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness to assist in improving their communities. Currently, Nina's entrepreneur ventures include awesome studio, focusing on social media and architecture, and awesome gallery, an experimental space where one can learn through the process of making.