Steve Winberg is the Vice President for CONSOL Energy Research & Development, which focuses on energy development, improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. CONSOL is the only U.S. coal company with an R&D department. Mr. Winberg has 29 years of experience in the energy industry, ranging from power generation equipment design and installation to use of innovative fuels. He has worked on a variety of emerging energy initiatives including coal-to-liquids, greenhouse gas reduction technology, fluidized bed combustion, emulsified fuels, fuel cells and coal-water slurry applications. Steve sits on the FutureGen Industrial Alliance Board of Directors and serves as the Secretary/Treasurer. He has represented the gas industry on EPA’s Acid Rain Advisory Committee and participated in various regulatory rulemaking initiatives involving end-use application of natural gas. Steve also holds two patents related to NOx emissions reduction using coal and natural gas. CONSOL Energy is a multi-energy producer of coal, gas and electricity. CONSOL produces both high-BTU coal and gas, which collectively fuels two-thirds of all U.S. power generation, from reserves located mainly east of the Mississippi River.