Vanessa German is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist (actress, poet, spoken word artist, photographer, sculptor, educator and fashion designer), living and working in Homewood, Pittsburgh since 2000. Vanessa is an accomplished. Her sculptural work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the country and recently been acquired by the David C. Driskell collection, Franciscan University and the IP Stanback Museum at South Carolina State University. Vanessa was one of the inaugural 2009/2010 class of fellows at the August Wilson Center of African American Culture; writing and performing her spoken word opera, “root”. The opera has since been performed at the Vineyard Playhouse on Martha’s Vineyard and will be performed at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in 2011. Vanessa has performed as a spoken word artist around the world, from Sweden to Africa. Most recently she was featured in a TEDx performance at MIT. Vanessa has also been featured artist at SNAP! Science, Nature, Art and People, at PopTech!, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, and the international black arts festival in Grahmstown, South Africa.