23 September 2009

07 October 2009 | New Hazlett Theater | 6:30 p.m.

announcement-21Welcome to the third season of cityLIVE!

Join us at our first event as we examine how to brand (or not brand) Pittsburgh.

The eyes of the world are on Pittsburgh right now. Not only has the G-20 Summit drawn world leaders and thousands of reporters, but over the last year Pittsburgh has been constantly in the “good” news.

How is it then that the response to our selection as the location of the G-20 Summit has been a resounding “Why Pittsburgh?” David Francis reported (for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) that some people in Europe have “expressed concern that world leaders might not be safe in such a place.”

What must we do to shake an image that no longer fits our city?

Our moderator and panelists will engage in a feisty discussion on branding (or unbranding) our city. Panelists include Madhu Malhan, vice president and director of creative branding for Publicis, USA; Gloria Blint, president and CEO of Red House Communications; and Charlie Humphrey, executive director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Moderating will be Brian Bronaugh, president and executive creative director of Mullen-Pittsburgh.

Bring a friend and you’ll get a drink free! Show your love!

Missed this event? Catch the full video here, or the short one here.

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  1. Jim DeAngelis said on

    This was my first time at a City Live event and now that I have browsed your website and seen the summarires of the earlier events, I must say that I am impressed with the apparent objectives of the series although I was underwhelmed by the last night’s discussion. It was entirely predictable — 3 of the 4 panelists were vested in branding and/or Pittsburgh branding and I would guess that 3 of the 4 had directly/indirectly benefited from civic/foundation investments…. so, the only arguments against branding came from the stands and got expressed as something like… “don’t lie about Pittsburgh… don’t make us out to be something we’re not… don’t sell us as homogenized… ” so, to anyone who is interested, may I suggest some attentive listening? Also, it would be nice if Ms. Blint had cited some evidence to support her assertions about what Pittsburgh is or could be. Also, Humphrey seemed to be the only panelist who declared his focus and made his case for his passion and his vocation; it would have been refreshing for the others to have done so…. but, I know, that’s expecting too much… I am glad to have attended and, if I’m in town for the next scheduled events, I intend to attend. BTW.. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh by choice since 1967 after finishing my formal education on the East Coast, live part time in France, have traveled extensively, and have come to see our region from the inside out and the outside in; I continue to be impressed with what this place seems to be — dynamic and resilient. Thanks.

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