6% Place

28 March 2011

What makes people consider Pittsburgh?  Here’s what we found …

Connections – People who are connected to Pittsburgh or make a trip to explore it are more likely to come.   Family connections locally make the decision to move easier.

Rust belt chic – Those who enjoy grittiness with their city are likely to consider Pittsburgh, visit it, fall in love with it. Some seek the authenticity of a city like Pittsburgh. Others want to downshift from the pace of  cities like LA, DC and NY.  In Pittsburgh they can find more time for themselves, their families and their own projects, and still live well.

Affordable – People are delighted with being able to afford good sized living spaces on moderate incomes. They can have more stable lives, but perhaps at the cost of more cosmopolitan city assets.

Stepping stones – There is a pattern of people using Pittsburgh on their way to somewhere or something else, or something bigger – it can give you a space to develop yourself, build your profile in an affordable way.  Many say they can realize their dreams in Pittsburgh.

Who should we target?
Those who are working relentlessly, with no cash to enjoy the expensive city they live in.   Pioneers who want to try out a new place where things happen.  Those who want to downsize, reduce the stress in their lives, and improve their quality of life.  Those who value the grittiness and authenticity of a place.  Those who have creative ambition and do not need to be in a specific place to do their work.

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