25 August 2014

Now that we have our survey, we’re going to finalize adjustments to the floor plan. The original Minim is twenty-two and a half feet long by eleven feet wide. We’re going to stretch ours a little bit (to maximize the space we have on our site) to a HUMONGOUS twenty-eight foot long by twelve feet wide.  Our total square footage will be 336 square feet versus the 247.5  square feet of the original.

You might remember that we chose Scheme A -1 for our site plan.  Here it is again …


And here is the original Minim plan.

Minim Floor Plan

We’re going to be making some changes to the original plan for a number of reasons.  First, the increased size and the orientation of the house on the site will require some changes. And second, we heard some requests at our brainstorming sessions which we are going to heed. Changes will include:

•  a deck
•  french doors leading out onto the deck
•  a window on the office platform, facing the street
•  a pantry next to the kitchen, for added storage
•  a washer/dryer
•  a full range instead of a recreational vehicle model
•  a separate shower in the bathroom
•  a through the wall mini-split heating and cooling system

29 August 2012

the first meeting of the 6% place advisory committee

The 6% Place Advisory Committee met for the first time last Wednesday. Made up of creative workers, Garfield residents, and potential neighborhood in-comers, this feisty group will steer the implementation of the 6% Place, including the first-ever Garfield Creative Census, strategizing about the reuse of an empty school in Garfield, and other future projects.

Want to be a part of the committee? Know someone who does? Let us know at info@citylabpgh.org.