cityLAB is a nonprofit that performs experiments with the city as our labo­ratory. Experiments are chosen to seed economic development, generate buzz, and effect positive change in the city, from inside and out.

our experiments

Tiny House Journal

Follow along as cityLAB builds a Tiny House in Garfield, the first of its kind, and shares the lessons we learn along the way.

Tiny Houses

An exploration of living small as a potential driver of economic development, Tiny Houses are part of our 6% Place experiment.

Cure for the
Common City

cityLAB's Eve Picker describes the economic development impact of bottom-up thinking—thinking small writ large—at 2013's TedxCMU.

Garfield Night Market

A brand new market to bring more people to Garfield, support local entrepreneurs, and create a great place for everyone to spend a Friday night.

6% Place
Tracking Tools

The 6% Place Tracking Tools are a series of maps and charts that visualize development in Garfield and on Penn Avenue.

The Garfield Freelancers Database

Looking for an artist, an architect, a coder, a chef or an urban farmer? Look no further. Find local talent in our growing database of creative freelancers.

6% Place

6% is the number, the tipping point. If a neighborhood can get that many creative workers, it becomes an attraction in its own right.

Lessons from the
6% Place

A series of free business education workshops for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs centered in Garfield to support the neighborhood's creative economy.

6% Place book

cityLAB's 6% Place book and ebook, available for purchase (and as a free downloadable PDF), examines how people, and not just physical investment, can drive economic development.

The Garfield
Creative Census

The 2012 Creative Census counted and connected the people engaged in the creative economy of Pittsburgh's Garfield neighborhood.

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